Want to play soccer at Loyola University?

Sport is really important to keep our body in shape but also to keep our mind calm and clear. It is because of that, that Loyola University of Chicago thinks that its students have to be able to practice their favorites sport during weekends with no cost added.

Every Sunday at Lake Shore Campus, up north of the city of Chicago, the party is served. Different teams from the same university play against other teams in an internal soccer league where friends can have a fun time and be in shape. The league, that can have as many teams as people want to join, will be held until the end of October. Before the winter comes.

Joining to a team is really easy: have five friends, submit your team to the Loyola internal league and start to play. As some of the players said, this is a way to have fun with friends and enjoy the great field that Loyola University has at Lake Shore Campus.


Be ready to join a team and have a good time with friends and have the chance to meet new people and a new way to keep in shape outdoors rather than being closed in a gym.




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